Metal Eye

Basically, I drew this because I figured a metal eye would be stronger than a normal one. As you may notice, there are screws holding the different pieces of the metal eye in place. This is one of my drawings in my new sketch book, and I skipped over blogging it, until now. I thought it would make a good drawing to accompany a subject I wanted to talk about, Robert B. Parker's novels. Parker was the author of novels about private investigators, or private eyes, as well as westerns and other stories. His best known works are the novels featuring a p.i. named Spenser. Parker passed away recently. It was sad because he was one of the most talented writers there has ever been, and he seemed like a really good guy. Before he passed away, he was making a deal for a remake of the Spenser: for Hire TV series from the '80s. I've recently been reading The Judas Goat, a Spenser novel, and I watched the TV movie on DVD tonight. I was thinking it would be great if Parker's novels were adapted as theatrical releases, as well as comic books. Both could expand the readership of his books further. His books are already very popular, but his work could reach even more people if they were adapted to these mediums. Stephen King has started adapting his novels to comics, so why not have Parker's novels adapted. There could be mini or maxi series comics adapting his existing works, as well as ongoing series with original stories inspired by his writings. And I think it would be great to see Spenser movies in theaters. Robert B. Parker has a website at I don't know if someone else will pick up the running his site, or if it will remain as a memorial with no updates. I would still recommend checking it out, and for updates, look him up on Wikipedia. It's possible that the remake of the show could still be made, and there may be manuscripts he'd written while he was alive, that aren't published yet. One thing's for certain. He'll always be known as one of the best authors ever.


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