This is one of what I call sketchback drawings. As I mentioned in my March 10, 2009 post, sketchback drawings are drawings I do on the backs of sketchbook covers. They can be on the back of the front cover or either side of the back cover. I did a drawing of the first Ghostbusters logo before, which you can see here. I decided to do another one for Ghostbusters II. I've always been a fan of Ghostbusters and I'm really excited about the videogame and the third movie coming soon. I've been reading on the Ghostbusters wikia and in the videogame there's an Ecto-1B, which is basically the Ecto-1 upgraded again and renamed. The decals from the Ecto-1A upgrade are still on there, except they switched the GB2 logo back to the GB1 logo. And there are new gadgets on the roof, most notably a big barrel shaped thing in back. Slimer is back. All the original cast are back voicing their characters, except for Sigourney Weaver, Rick Moranis, and I'm not sure if Annie Potts is back. It's set in 1991, two years after the first movie, and it's canon to both movies. Dan Aykroyd has talked some about Ghostbusters III. He's mentioned he'd like to get Eliza Dushku as a villainess maybe, Alyssa Milano. If they have a female Ghostbuster in it I'd like to see Eliza play that. The Ecto-1, or one of them since they may have made several like they do with other movies and tv shows, was restored for the Ghostbusters Blu-Ray. The Ghostbusters are making a comeback and it's exciting to see. I'm looking forward to playing the videogame and seeing Ghostbusters III.


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