Last year during winter I developed a taste for coffee at work. I drank it alot. I like it with quite a bit of cream and sugar. One of the benefits of my last job was that I got free coffee from the pay coffee machine up front. It was handy because I didn't, and in fact have yet to, learn how to make coffee. And sometimes the coffee pots in the break room would be empty. I realized that some coffee tastes different than others. They usually got Folgers or Maxwell House in the break room and I liked those better than the coffe in the pay coffee machine. But it was good to have the pay coffee for free when there wasn't any in the break room. Since I left that job I've had two cups of coffee. It was the kind from Folgers that comes in bags, like tea bags. I like the kind that you have to make in a coffee maker. If I ever think about it I'll have some from my dad's small coffee maker. I might also try some coffee from McDonald's to see what theirs is like.


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