I whole month has gone by and I hadn't done one post during that time. I haven't given up on my art blog, I just haven't felt like I've had anything to post. I have been doing drawings just about every day. I've got a sketchbook that I've been drawing in. Generally I prefer sketchbooks with heavy weight paper in them because I like the feel and what it's like to draw on the pages. This sketchbook has a different type of paper, but it's good. I got a big drawing pad for Christmas that I think has something along the lines of the heavy weight paper in it. I've sort of got ideas for that pad. I probably won't do anything like superhero drawings in it. I've got other types of drawings in mind. I don't know if I'll post any of it on here. For one thing, the paper is much too big for my scanner. In any case, I'm keeping pretty busy with my art, and I may get busier with it.


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