Art Research

I'm doing some art research. Last Monday I watched the 1987 film Vincent: the Life and Death of Vincent Van Gogh. I'm also planning on watching Lust for Life, which is a Van Gogh biopic with Kirk Douglas as Van Gogh, and Girl with a Pearl Earring. The latter is about Johannes Vermeer's famous painting. It stars Scarlett Johannson, who plays Black Widow in the Marvel movies. I've also checked out Portrait of Gachet: the Story of a Van Gogh Masterpiece, a book from the library.

The Van Gogh episode of Doctor Who, post revival, had something to do with my interest in Van Gogh. It may have been what started my interest in Van Gogh. It was a great episode. I'm also doing some studying for my own art. I'm hoping to apply what I'm reading to my drawings. Maybe I'll also learn some things from legendary artists such as Van Gogh and Vermeer.


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