September's Coming To An End

As I was trying to think of a title for this post, I remembered that Green Day song. I think it's titled "Wake Me Up When September Ends." September is just about over. I'm excited about it because of two things. The first thing is that I get to change my Doctor Who calendar to the Tenth Doctor. The second thing is that October is the start of the holidays. It would be a good time to do some drawings of werewolves and things like that. It would also be a good time to read some scary books and watch scary movies. Watching horror movies is how I celebrate Halloween. I go more for the classic type of horror movies like The Wolf Man. As far as books, I've read a book by Stephen King titled Cycle of the Werewolf. It's a short book, but it's great. It's got art by Bernie Wrightson in it. I believe Wrightson has also illustrated a Frankenstein story. I'm trying to think of other artists who have done horror art. I checked out a book before, about drawing different types of monsters, from the library and it featured some horror artists. I might do some research on horror artists. As I've been typing this post, I thought of the comic book series from Marvel titled Werewolf by Night. I think I read a graphic novel of a story from that series from the library in the '90s. I don't remember who the artist was. It was a cool book though. As I said, I might do some research. I'd like to end this blog post by saying this: Happy National Coffee Day!


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