Scott Pilgrim Gets Drawn

"Scott Pilgrim Gets Drawn"
I drew this on some scratch paper I got for Christmas some years ago. I got into Scott Pilgrim back then and I got the first book in the series for Christmas. I think I may have gotten the other five in the series with a Christmas gift card. I have the whole set now. Scott Pilgrim is awesome! those books have action, adventure, fantasy, comedy. They're drawn in a style that I think is considered manga. Bryan Lee O'Malley is the creator of Scott Pilgrim. He wrote the books and was the main artist on the books. The books were published by Oni Press. I saw the movie later on and it was cool. I think the books are the best though. Scott Pilgrim has to fight seven evil ex-boyfriends of Ramona Flowers before they can be boyfriend and girlfriend. The book starts out very real and becomes very surreal the more you get into it. Basically, the world becomes a video game. I recommend reading the Scott Pilgrim books, and watching the movie, Scott Pilgrim Vs. The World.


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