It's Cee-Lo! This is the artwork that I was going to wait to say what it was. I think Cee-Lo is cool. He does some good music. I've got one of the Gnarls Barkley albums. That's how I became familiar with him. I think this is the first artwork of mine that I've digitally colored since "Me at Christmas Time." I used a textured fill for the background. I started out drawing this on paper with a mechanical pencil. Then I used Sharpies. The mechanical pencil is a Pentel 0.7mm. The Sharpies are a fine point Sharpie, and a Sharpie pen. I think the paper was Georgia-Pacific printer paper. I sometimes use that because it's closest at hand. It works well. Mostly though, I use my printer paper for printing. This is my first drawing of Cee-Lo, and I think it turned out well.


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