Spenser Too

Here's a quick sketch I drew this week of Joe Mantegna as Spenser, from the Robert B. Parker novels and Spenser: For Hire. The Spenser Joe Mantegna played though is in a different continuity from the Spenser: For Hire series. Mantegna played Spenser in three movies that aired on A&E. I haven't seen them in a long time. I'd like to see them again. It would have been cool to see Robert Urich play Spenser again, but if they were going to get anybody to take over playing the character, Joe Mantegna was the man for the job. The whole cast of the A&E Spenser movies was in fact a different one that the one on Spenser: For Hire or the Rober Urich/Avery Brooks Spenser movies. I finished listening to Walking Shadow on tape the night before last. It's the first audio book I've listened to in years. It's narrated by Joe Mantegna himself. Great literature!


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